Sushmita Banerjee Told the Truth about Radical Islam and Got Shot


All the western feminists who keep talking about how they speak truth to power but who never talk about the real abuses against women that take place far, far away from their safe upscale enclaves and their safe upscale universities could take lessons in courage from Sushmita Banerjee.

The Indian woman wrote about escaping from the Taliban and her story was made into a Bollywood movie.  It is impossible that she didn’t know the potential for paying with her life for telling the truth. Now, the Telegraph reports:

Sushmita Banerjee, who only recently moved back to the country to be with her husband, was killed by Taliban gunmen outside her home, according to police in Paktika province.

Her body was riddled with more than 20 bullets and some of her hair had been ripped from her head, they said.

It is the latest in a string of attacks on prominent woman. The Taliban and other militant groups have kidnapped high-profile politicians, murdered female police officers and killed campaigners as they try to enforce their brutal form of Islam.

Western feminists need to speak up for women like Sushmita Banerjee instead of idolizing the barbarians who killed her, trying to rewrite the English language so the masculine form is banned, and engaging in ever-more-pointless attacks on males and masculinity.

If you want a future of equality for women, then the future must not belong to barbarians who kill women for telling the truth about militant Islam.