Hey Greens, You Sure You Want to Deface This Particular Statue?

Memorial honoring Siegfried Marcus in front of the Technische Universität, Vienna

While finding photos to illustrate a post about inventor Siegfried Marcus, I found this photo on Flickr of one of the memorials to Marcus in Vienna. The photographer had tagged it with the caption, “Siegfried is made an example of”. I think it’s safe to assume from the green peace symbol that the vandals who defaced the monument to Marcus were environmentalists eager to show their hatred for Marcus and the automobile. You see, at the base of the plinth is “Inventor of Gasoline Automobiles 1864″. Siegfried Marcus was the first person on record to power a vehicle with a gasoline engine. I suppose I could snark about the hypocrisy inherent in the vandals using ozone depleting or carbon dioxide increasing propellents in their can of green spray paint but there’s really a more curious coincidence involved in this graffiti that’s impossible to ignore, Godwin be damned.

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