The Real Fabulous Hudson Hornet – Marshall Teague’s #6

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Today, most people know about the Fabulous Hudson Hornet race car because of the animated kids’ movie Cars. Doc, the character voiced by the late Paul Newman in his final role, raced as the Fabulous Hudson Hornet in his younger days. The movie may be a cartoon, but there really was a Fabulous Hudson Hornet, actually more than one, that dominated NASCAR in its early days. The first was racer Marshall Teague’s car. He chose the Hornet because its “step down” design meant a lower center of gravity. Working with Hudson engineer Vince Piggins and master tuner Smokey Yunick on Hudson’s “Twin H Power” inline six, Teague drove the Hornet to great success, which also helped sales of the car, perhaps the first example of “win on Sunday, sell on Monday”.

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