7 Films the Woke Mob Will Be After Next

7 Films the Woke Mob Will Be After Next
(AP Photo/Turner Classic Movies)

“May you live in interesting times” is probably not an old Chinese curse, but it makes the user sound intelligent when employed. That puts me two steps ahead of the woke mob currently at work deliberately dismantling our culture, brick by brick.

No, these are not intelligent people. In fact, they are mindless, soulless, caricatures of academic intellectuals crusading against values they hate because they don’t understand them.

But they are doted on lovingly by a press terrified of its own shadow. Best not criticize anything or anyone who claims they are “woke” lest you end up a clay target in their shooting gallery.

The night-riding mobs — all they’re missing are the hoods — are readying more lynching parties and some great works of art (and hugely entertaining films) may be next.

Hollywood in Toto:

First, the new streaming platform HBO Max announced it was removing “Gone with the Wind” from its content lineup. Now, we’re learning the film will return … with a catch.

The beloved drama starring Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh will be accompanied by a lecture saying how wrong the material is and how to interpret it properly.

You will be instructed on what you can watch and what to think about it.

Who knows if those conditions will be enough to satiate the woke mob? They smell blood across the cultural landscape, and they’re moving with ruthless speed. We’ve already seen the long-running “Cops” get the ax, and other shows, including “Live PD,” are on life support.

Mr. Toto then lists 7 films — some of them cult classics, some of them blockbusters — that the rampaging mob may be after in the near future.

Blazing Saddles” — Cultural observers have had this Mel Brooks classic on their list for some time. The film liberally uses the “n-word,” features stereotypically gay characters and employs slurs now considered taboo. Brooks himself repeatedly tells us he couldn’t make “Blazing Saddles” today, a toxic reality all by itself.

Saddles, of course, mocks racists, not black people. But do you think that matters to the Philistines who want to burn it?

In the old days — about 10 years ago — we used to think that making fun of haters was the best way to make them powerless. Laughing at racists is far better than making martyrs of them by squashing a film that they themselves find objectionable.

Soul Man was a 1986 comedy about a kid who takes tanning pills to darken his skin so that he can get into Harvard under affirmative action. The poor Cretins’ heads must explode every time they see that one.

Ben Stiller’s Tropic Thunder was an uneven comedy but featured Robert Downey, Jr. wearing blackface. That’s a no-no.

The anti-abortion movie Unplanned has been a target of feminists for years and has some very bad things to say about Planned Parenthood. See ya!

The quintessential teenage girl, Molly Ringwald, would apparently join in throwing the John Hughes comedy classic 16 Candles into the bonfire. She later regretted her roles in those cute but dated movies.

Another film almost sure to be tossed into the vault, never to see the light of day again, is the iconic police drama, Dirty Harry. 

The Woke Mob could get a twoer here. Not only would they love to see this “fascist” cop thriller memory holed, they could strike a blow against its star, conservative legend Clint Eastwood. “Dirty Harry” took down minority criminals, going so far as to mock their dialects in the process. The Left loathes white male vigilantes, too, while often cheering women who take the law into their own hands.

There shall be no positive or heroic portrayals of police in New America. And that’s final.

Finally, what would any list that includes irreverent, politically incorrect films be without Animal House?

Animal House” — Can you imagine a movie set in the early 1960s where the characters act … like they’re living in the early 1960s? Even worse? The film’s antiheroes are pledging a boozy, bawdy fraternity. That means racial insensitivity, anti-social behavior and women treated as sex objects.

Once hailed as a comedy masterpiece, “Animal House” is under assault these days for its problematic plot points. “Is it OK to laugh at ‘Animal House?‘ one USA Today headline asked. Soon, we may not be able to even watch it.

Rub-a-dub-dub, thanks for the scrub, Brownshirts. They are going to be very busy cleansing the culture of all these troublesome images and films.

They’re fighting for their “freedom,” ya know.