Even the White House Easter Egg Roll Isn't Safe from Michelle Obama

It appears that no food tradition in America is safe from the grasping tentacles of Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” anti-obesity campaign.


The first lady’s latest target is the White House Easter Egg Roll — a fine, innocent tradition that’s just good, harmless fun.

This being the 5th year of “Let’s Move,” Mrs. Obama has designated the theme of the Easter Egg Roll to be “#GimmeFive”:

The Hill reports:

The White House Easter Egg Roll is getting fit — Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move!” anti-childhood obesity initiative will be tied into this year’s annual event.

The theme for the April 6 egg-filled shindig is “#GimmeFive,” the White House announced Monday.

The campaign launched as part of “Let’s Move!” to celebrate the initiative’s fifth anniversary. “I’m going to be challenging all of you to give me five things that you’re doing to lead a healthier life,” Michelle Obama explained in a promotional video.

The Roll will include five souvenir eggs: four bearing the signatures of President Obama and the first lady on the back, and a fifth dubbed the “Bo and Sunny” egg that also features the “paw prints” of the presidential pooches.


You can imagine what kinds of food are going to be served at this shindig. Everything to make a healthy, happy youngster want to vomit. The incessant browbeating of kids to eat their veggies and avoid good tasting items like chips (no harm in moderation) serves only to make one of the few, universal human pleasures — eating — into a torture.

There is a revolt against the “Let’s Move” nutritional standards and its growing. Hungry kids, wasting food, unhappy parents — that combination is going to be the downfall of those standards eventually.

It can’t come soon enough for children.

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