How to Shift Your Broken Paradigm in 3 Simple Steps


Real change in life is hard. In fact, it’s so hard it seldom happens without a major paradigm shift.

Life changing events can range from a death in the family to a health crisis to a job loss. However, too often, we don’t realize that we do have some say in how our circumstances change us.

We can’t stop tragedy. What we can do is use the force of it to generate the power needed to alter our circumstances for the better. There are some things that are so entrenched in our lives that it takes the energy of a crisis to give us the strength to correct it.

Health issues easily fall into that category. For example, a treadmill doesn’t look so much like an instrument of torture after a heart attack scare.

The good news is that we don’t have to wait for a crisis to change our lives. As human beings we hold the unique power to shape our future. We alone have the ability to envision a life beyond our current reality.

What’s even more amazing– we can create that vision.

Pick an area of your life you want to change. Is it your health? What about your career? Or your relationship with your spouse or children. All of these seemingly fixed areas of life are subject to change at any given moment.

Why not be your own catalyst for change?

1. Write it Down.


What do you want your life to look like?

If you could write the story of your life, how would the storyline go? Write down exactly what you envision in your mind’s eye. We all have a vision deep inside us of what we believe our lives should be. The problem is rectifying that vision with our current reality.

The first step is to acknowledge that vision and bring it forward for your eyes to read.

Write about your life in the present tense. Be as detailed as you possibly can. Describe this new part of your life exactly the way you want it to be.

It might look something like this: I am in excellent health. I wake every morning feeling refreshed after a full night’s sleep, completely rested. I’m pain free, and eager to start my work day.

2. Write Your Current Reality.


What is your current reality? Be honest.

It’s human nature to ignore unpleasant facts — especially about ourselves. This is probably the hardest part of the process–putting down in black and white exactly what your reality is.

This is what most of us don’t really want to face. Instead, we spend a lot of our energy ignoring it. But ignoring it doesn’t change it. It only allows a problem area it to grow and fester.

Your reality might look something like this:

I feel sick and I’m tired most of the time. I’m overweight and I feel arthritis sinking in. I’m afraid I’ll end up like my mother.

I wake up most mornings with chronic headaches. Every morning I’m sluggish and have to drink a pot of coffee to garner the strength to go to work. I live on over the counter pain relievers.

3. Create a Bridge From Your Reality to Your Vision


Once you see the vision of what you want your life to be beside what your reality is then something amazing happens. The steps to that vision start to become more visible. Sometimes it can be ridiculously obvious.

Start creating the bridge from your reality to your vision by drawing up your blueprint. Be precise.

First steps could be as simple as:

** Beginning this Sunday night, I will not take any sleeping pills before bed. I will work towards stopping the cycle of late nights and rushed mornings.

** I will slow down my evenings and go to bed before midnight and set my alarm to get up one hour earlier.

** I will drink a glass of water first thing in the morning.

** I will resume taking my early morning walks I used to love.

** I will stop making coffee my only breakfast.

My examples are intentionally over simplified because every life is unique. But these simple steps when applied to any area of life become amazingly powerful.

I know, because I’ve used them over the ten years, and continue to today. Whether you just need a good night’s sleep or a transformed marriage or it’s time to start a new career, you can begin right now.

Bringing out the dreams and vision from the depths of your heart to your fingertips makes a new paradigm within your grasp. You become the missing link to your own happiness.

What would be the simplest thing you could do, that would bring a desired change in your life?

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Photo credits Shutterstock Nagy-Bagoly ArpadJeremyWhatB Calkins