What Would a James Bond Movie Look Like if Christopher Nolan Directed?

How to make a James Bond movie a smart, mind-bending thrill instead of just dumb fun.

via Christopher Nolan Won’t Make a Howard Hughes Film, But He Still Wants To Direct a Bond Movie | /Film.

A few directors have wanted to make films about Howard Hughes, even after Martin Scorsese made The Aviator. One man is Warren Beatty, whose latest film is about the bizarre and powerful aviation mogul. Another has been Christopher Nolan, and while Nolan has focused his energies in other ways in the past few years, fans have hoped he might get around to the Hughes film he once spoke of making.

Now it seems like Nolan is giving up that idea, having put his Hughes interests into the Bruce Wayne character in Batman. But he does still want to tackle another classic, powerful figure: James Bond.