Which of These 7 European Countries Has the Best Sunsets?

Click here for the PJ Lifestyle Sunshine archive featuring: a complete collection of sunrises from every state in the US, sunrises from 29 countries, 32 sunrises and sunsets in Washington D.C., and a growing collection of Sunrise Hyperlapse videos.

Now we’re going to begin organizing and growing the collection more.

Here are some highlights from it today that we’d like to get your opinion on. Which ones are your favorites and why? Do you have some photos to add to the collection that are better than the ones we have?

1. Wales

2. France

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Chamrousse, France. Alpes.

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3. Italy

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4. Germany

5. Greece

6. Spain

7. Scotland

Dear PJ Media,
I hear you’re collecting international sunset pictures. I took this picture in Scotland on my honeymoon in 2004. It is on the Isle of Mull, just off Scotland’s west coast, near Oban. This was taken with a Canon A4 Powershot, and has not been digitally altered in any way.
Sincerely yours,
Dr. Michael E. Lopez, Esq.