Stay Warm with 'Awwwwwww': 5 Cute Baby Animal Photos

Today’s installment curated by Sarah Hoyt, who comments:

I hear there’s a snow storm bearing down on Colorado.  Maybe we had it coming — after all the rest of the country is ankle deep in global warming.

So, how to stay warm and relatively cheerful through the cold and dreary days of winter?

Well, you do what you want to, but I — I personally — cruise by Zoo Borns for a ray of sunshine.  Their text sometimes is a little dopey on the regulation side of environmentalism, but the pictures are winners.

This site gathers all the birth announcements from all the zoos around the nation and the world.  And it’s one “aw” moment after the other.

Baby giant otter in Miami zoo.

A wild sea otter baby (and mom) dropped by for a visit at the Monterey Bay aquarium.

Tiny Sea Horses at Georgia Aquarium

Down under, in Melbourne, they have a baby elephant!

Go by Zoo Borns, and tell me you don’t feel warmer.  Or at least happier.

Void where prohibited.  If you are an enormous animal geek, be ware that this site can make you lose hour upon hour of productive time. If your spouse is not a massive animal geek, beware that your conversation might become centered on these animals and drive him/her nuts.  If you are diabetic, you might want to have insulin on hand, for the massive spiking of blood sugar while looking at these pictures!