And This One Time, At Band Camp, I Decided to Give My Children Really Stupid Names

via Red Carpet Confidential Alyson Hannigan Reveals Why She Prefers Unusual Names | OK! Magazine.

It’s a girl for How I Met Your Mother star Alyson Hannigan and hubby Alexis Denisof, who announced today that they welcomed their second daughter, Keeva Jane, last month.

The little one joins big sister Satyana, 3.

Why does she prefer unique names?

“It’s funny because during the pregnancy with Sati, all of the names we put on the list were very traditional and old fashioned, and then we went so far away from that,” Alyson, 38, tells me during a Pull-Ups Potty Dance event in L.A.

“But I like names that you can take nicknames out of. It’s a little difficult because my husband’s last name is Russian, so it’s hard to find something good with a last name that’s Russian, but longer names work better with his last name.  We went with a unique name. I like that if she doesn’t want to have a unique name when she’s older, she can be Ana or Tina or some little nicknames you can take away.”