Would You Rather Have Your Naked Pics Leaked or Your Financial Data Stolen?


Image via Flickr MasterCard News

According to a survey released by MasterCard last week, 55 percent of Americans would rather have naked pictures of themselves leaked online than have their financial information stolen.

My husband and I were riding in the car together when we heard this news blurb and our conversation went something like this:

Me: I don’t even have to ask what your answer would be.

Husband: I know what your answer is, too. So I guess I should just change mine, because all our financial information is going to be out there anyway.

(After 26 years of marriage, the blanks in the conversations basically just autocomplete.)

What about you? If given the choice, would you rather have naked pics of you all over the internet or have your financial information out there for all the world to see? Do you and your spouse agree?