Anonymous and Occupy React to Shutdown: #NoBudgetNoPants


At least we dodged this bullet. For now.

The entire continuing resolution impasse has been mostly intense and gloomy, so we have to appreciate anything that provides a moment of levity. Two hours before the government shutdown at midnight on October 1st, this cryptic warning appeared on Twitter:


Josh Barro from Business Insider warned about possible unintended consequences.


We learned about the new disaster management plan:



At midnight, the group Anonymous made #NoBudgetNoPants official (and also made it trend on Twitter):




More unintended consequences:



This guy has a point.



Despite the hype, it was just a normal evening at home for many followers of Anonymous and Occupy:


Helpful hygiene tip:


This guy makes a good point:

The Occupy Wall Street Twitter feed urged protesters to show up pantsless at political fundraisers this week:



OWS also asked for pictures of people sans pants (no, that’s not smarmy at all):



Of course, many of their followers complied, tweeting dozens of pantsless selfies (I’ll spare you).


Some tweeters took the hashtag a little too seriously:



And some poor dears just didn’t understand:



My heart goes out to the poor congressional staffers who had to be on the receiving end of this:



Of course, now I’m wondering if all those faxes are piling up in an office somewhere because of the shutdown. Will members of Congress have to collect all those pantsless selfies without the help of staffers?

Fortunately, #NoBudgetNoPants didn’t quite materialize. It appears that America has been spared this indignity:


Of course, if the shutdown continues…