After Years of Looking, a Decent Shave


I’ve spent years looking for a decent shave.

My beard is like steel wire. I can’t shave every day, I can’t afford to. With blades costing upwards of $4 each and a beard that would wreck a blade in just a couple days if I shaved every day, I really really can’t afford it.

Not only that, but finding a decent razor at the store has been… interesting. I liked the Mach 3 but blades run over $3 each. I went with a Shick Quatro, but, while those cartridges are more reasonable, they don’t last as long either.

I’m not unique in this issue; most men I know complain they can’t find a decent shave at a decent price.

So then I came across this website I just clicked on an ad on impulse.

“Hmmm, blades for $2 or less, razor for $10, $15 or a razor, three blades and a tube of shaving cream,” I thought to myself. “Prices aren’t bad, the razor looks nice, I just had a birthday.”

So off I go to the wife-unit.

“Hon? Look at this site?”

She looked it over and mulled it and said, “Oh just order one.”

So I did. I got the Truman, in Olive, because green is my favorite color. It arrived yesterday.

First impressions on the next page…

It’s heavy, much heavier than my Shick and moderately heavier than my old Mach 3.

It’s elegant looking and attractive, and the handle is comfortable in my hand; in other words, the ergonomics are good.

In order to really test it I hadn’t shaved since last week, and I have to say I was impressed. The shave was comfortable and easy. I did find that the large 5-bladed cartridge was a little difficult to maneuver under my nose, but I have a little trouble with most razors there.

Overall I’m impressed with the razor.

I’m also impressed with their refill system. I haven’t set mine up yet, but they have an auto refill system which will eliminate remembering to order more blades (you can only get refills online). You let them know how often you shave and then they will send you new cartridges and a couple tubes of their shaving cream at set intervals. For me, that’ll be eight blades and two tubes of shaving cream every three months. It’ll cost me about $30, which is considerably less than the mass-market razors have been costing me the last several years.

If you are looking for a decent shave at a decent price, I really suggest checking out Harry’s. I’ll check back in in a month after I’ve had some time with the new razor and let everyone know how it was to live with it.