'Friends' Live-Streamed Sexual Assault of Teen on Snapchat While She Slept

One of the most horrific crimes any woman (or man, for that matter) can experience is being sexually assaulted. Now add to that someone filming the assault and sharing it with your friends, and you’ll understand the hell Tracie Aldridge went through.

Back in 2015, the girl, who was then a mere 19 years old, went to a party in Raploch, Stirling, Britain. Two of her “friends,” Jordan Binnie and Fraser Anderson, were also present. The two men had been drinking all day long and continued doing so during the party.

At a certain moment, poor Tracy fell asleep. What happened next must be the number-one nightmare of every parent who gives his daughter permission to go to a sleepover: Binnie sexually abused her. 

Miss Aldridge later fell asleep on a sofa, wearing a pair of pyjama shorts, which Anderson moved to one side. Binnie then sexually assaulted her with a sweeping brush.

That’s terrible enough, but what makes this horrendous crime even worse is the fact that Anderson filmed the sexual abuse and then shared it with her friends through the popular video app Snapchat.

It’s as sick of a crime as possible, but here’s the kicker: rapist Binnie got off with 12 months in jail and his co-conspirator, Anderson, was only sentenced to 225 hours of unpaid work. In other words, he’ll have a week or four of work after which he’ll have “done his time.”

These soft punishments were quite remarkable because the police originally told Tracie that they’d aggressively go after both men. Tracie explains:

I’ve been through two years of hell. At the start the police told us it would go to the High Court and Binnie would be charged with rape with an object. Fraser Anderson could have stopped it, but instead he live-streamed it to Snapchat. Everybody who knows me in this area saw it. I’m waiving my anonymity because I’m so angry with the light sentences they got, but Fraser took my anonymity the minute he uploaded it to social media.

One of the reasons Anderson got off with some unpaid work is that the prosecutor didn’t try to get him convicted for actively participating in the assault. He moved Tracie’s shorts out of the way so his buddy could abuse her, but this was somehow not taken into account when his punishment was determined.

Wondering why? Well, here’s the answer: the sheriff in the case is apparently a radical leftist. As we all know, radical leftists have more sympathy for perpetrators than their victims:

Sheriff John Mundy told the pair: “I regard this as a despicable act on the part of both of you.”

It is not the first time that Sheriff Mundy has been involved in a “soft touch justice” row.

In 2014, he sparked fury when he let another teenager off with an absolute discharge for sexually assaulting a 15-year-old girl in a school stationery cupboard.

His decision was later overturned.

Tracy has spoken out against her attackers and Mundy because she believes their punishments were laughable. It’s hard to disagree with her.

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