Thank You Very Much Baby Boomers, It's All Your Fault

Former Presidents Bill Clinton, left, and George W. Bush, (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin, File)

As a millennial — I was born in 1984 — I’m getting sick and tired of one “journalistic article” after another about my generation. Some say we (collectively, of course) are lazy and spoiled. We don’t know how the world works and couldn’t care less about it, either. Give us the latest iPhone or we’ll rebel!

I’m sure that makes previous generations (and especially baby boomers) feel good about themselves, but when push comes to shove, it’s them, not we millennials who have ruined the West, America included. As Kevin Robillard tweets:

Look at the United States. The country is in major debt. In fact, if things don’t change soon, the weight of the debt may actually end up destroying the economy. Whose fault is that? Millennials? We had nothing to do with it. While we were learning to walk, baby boomers decided to approve one big government program after another, thereby all but ruining our chances of becoming as prosperous as them.

And how about those “unwinnable” wars in the Middle East? Sure, millennials are fighting them nowadays, but they were started (and are overseen) by baby boomers. Our blood flows fighting wars declared by you, boomers.

Oh, and let’s talk education.“Those darned millennials are all socialists,” I hear older generations complain. Really? Whose fault is that? Hint: the ones educating/indoctrinating us. Oops, there we go again: the baby boomers!

Let’s look at Greece. The country lies in ruins. The debt is sky high, there are almost more people unemployed than employed, and the country is overrun by non-Western immigrants who hate our culture and values. Who’s responsible for all that? Millennials? No, of course not. We were trying to talk while you baby boomers threw Greece into the gutter. And the same goes for every other European state that’s struggling right now.

Spare me the articles about millennials and their peculiarities. Let’s, instead, focus on those baby boomers who have all but destroyed everything we hold dear.