These Amazing Photos Prove Antarctica Is The Most Beautiful Place On Earth

Day 5 - Penguin Sex - Shack Shack

Professional HDR (High Definition Resolution) photographer Trey Ratcliff just posted this amazing photo, accompanied by the following text, on Google Plus:

This is the first in a series of photos I’ll post from the hut of the famous polar explorer Ernest Shackleton. I can’t believe we actually got to go inside and explore it… we flew in a chopper out to this remote location… how people lived in here, in the middle of Antarctica for so long is truly a wonder!

Here’s another photo, this time of the Howard Glacier:

Day 10 - Glacier

And that’s not all. Check out this amazing photo of a mighty ice mountain and another glacier:

Day 13 - Sunny Valley - The Mighty Peaks

Day 13 - Sunny Valley - Megalith-Recovered

These are the trails made by penguins when they slide on their bellies and use their flippers to turn right or left. How awesome is that?

Day 13 - Sunny Valley - Penguin Slide

And lastly, Mount Erebus, the southernmost active volcano on Antarctica, which only has two active volcanos. Erebus is always covered in snow:

Day 17 - Randy - Mt Ara

You’ve got to follow Trey on Google+. He’s a famous photographer many – myself included – consider one of the best HDR photographers in the world.

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