'Boomer Remover' Spring Breakers Don't Care if You Live or Die Because They Need to Party

'Boomer Remover' Spring Breakers Don't Care if You Live or Die Because They Need to Party
(Screenshot via Twitter video)

The young idiots on spring break who just want to get drunk and debauched are defying orders to social distance and stay inside to avoid the latest plague China has unleashed on the world. They don’t care if they make this outbreak thousands of times worse, they worked hard in their college classes, where they learned about how to hate white people and stuff. Considering most of these buffoons are white, I’m starting to hate them too. Whoever raised these morons should go collect them and then put a padlock on their bedroom doors.

Besides the obvious outrage at the total disregard for the lives of people who are in a high-risk category, people on Twitter are noticing something odd about these kids.

Meet the first college generation that no one would want on “Girls Gone Wild Spring Break Edition.” But it isn’t just the girls. The boys look pretty terrible too. Why do these young people look so unhealthy and sick? I’m guessing it’s the birth control pills for the girls, causing the weight gain and bad skin, but the boys just need to get out in the sun and do some hard chores. They’re soft and pale and weak. I’m not sure why they’re not worried about the Chinese WuFlu, because none of them look healthy enough to survive it.

Parents, do better, and for God’s sake implement an exercise program while they homeschool.

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