Parents Shocked at Drag Queen 'Pre-Show' Ahead of 'Star Wars' at Alamo Cinemas

Parents Shocked at Drag Queen 'Pre-Show' Ahead of 'Star Wars' at Alamo Cinemas
(Screenshot via Twitter video)

Star Wars fans who went to see the movie at any Alamo Drafthouse Cinema were confronted with scantily clad drag queens discussing the fashion of the famed space drama during the theater’s signature “pre-show” that airs thirty minutes before the film. This left some parents with young children confused and angry.

This pre-show is not just at the Phoenix location, however, but is being shown at every Alamo cinema across the nation. PJ Media reached out to Alamo and was able to find a manager, Brian Schomer, at the Chandler, Ariz., location to answer a few questions. Schomer confirmed that Alamo Drafthouse corporate makes pre-shows to go with big feature films rather than showing paid advertising before the movies. Schomer stressed that all Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas have full bars and cater mostly to adults. He did acknowledge that children are not banned from seeing movies with their parents—the only age restrictions in place are that no children under the age of six are allowed to attend movies after 6 p.m.

When asked about the above clip that is going around Twitter, Schomer said, “It’s perfectly normal to have people discussing fashion from the movie in the pre-show.” When pressed if it’s normal for men in makeup and bikinis to be giving this talk to children, he didn’t seem disturbed. “It’s a PG-13 movie and the pre-show is about the movie. There’s nothing in it that would be unusual.”

Parents on Twitter disagree.

Screenshot via Twitter

Screenshot via Twitter

Upset movie-goers have been trying to reach the corporate office to complain, but are finding it difficult.

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema’s corporate office is as difficult to reach as the responders on Twitter are claiming. PJ Media found a number for the corporate office in Texas but was routed through an automated switchboard that hung up every few seconds before anyone answered the phone. The switchboard only had two options: contact a local theater or a dial-by-name directory. As of publishing, the corporate office has not issued any official response. Chandler manager Schomer said he did not get any direct complaints from patrons but had heard about it through others.

While claiming on its website that Alamo is for “all ages,” it also has some verbiage that should give you pause on the “about” page under “community.”

We value what is unique about each other and celebrate our differences. We treat each other with respect, support each other’s passions, and help each other grow. We welcome healthy debate but don’t tolerate intolerance. We take this commitment outside our four walls, creating neighborhood theaters that are deeply tied to the local community.

Why does a theater that sells movies and food care about “debate” and “tolerance?” We all know these are code words that might as well say instead, “we value leftist programming and indoctrination and we will shove it down your throat if you come here and pay us an exorbitant amount of money to sit in our comfy leather seats and eat overpriced food.” It’s always a big clue when people start throwing around the word “tolerance.” What they mean is they only tolerate one point of view (theirs) and concerned parents’ views are not tolerated nor respected, so scram, bigots! How dare you (Greta Thunberg voice) try to keep your children from seeing men dressed like Madonna in a sex dungeon!

If you still want to see this Star Wars movie after all the bad reviews and now drag queen fashion tips, maybe see it someplace other than Alamo Cinemas if you’d like to keep your popcorn down.

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