Creepy New Sprite Commercial Sells Transgenderism and Breast Binding, Not Soda

Creepy New Sprite Commercial Sells Transgenderism and Breast Binding, Not Soda
(Screenshot from Sprite ad)

In an inexplicable move, Sprite has released a new commercial that has nothing to do with soda and everything to do with force-feeding the public transgender theology dressed up as love and acceptance. What this has to do with quenching thirst, I have no idea.

Matt Walsh of the Daily Wire makes an interesting point. “Someone please explain the ethical difference between an ad that promotes breast binding and an ad that promotes anorexia. I bet you can’t.” First, both conditions are mental disorders. Body dysmorphia is nearly indistinguishable from gender dysphoria. Both people look into a mirror and see something that is not there, but only one will be treated properly for it. The other will be sent off to butchers who will remove healthy body parts to indulge the patient’s delusion. Worse, minor children suffering from gender dysphoria are given sterilizing drugs that are not fully understood nor studied.

Corporations that get on the LGBTQWTF bandwagon are not new. Every June we must put up with the endless rainbow logos and virtue-signaling that takes over everything. But the choice to release this commercial in November, several months after Pride Month, is one more signal that the Transgender Mafia is stepping up their game and you will not be getting a reprieve for the rest of the year.

It’s not enough to inundate people with transgender propaganda in the month of June. We must be subjected to it every single day of the year until we all conform and celebrate mental disorders. Those who suffer from similar disorders don’t think this approach of accepting and celebrating illness is helpful.

“I have anorexia. Currently under control but in my 20’s it nearly killed me…If a surgeon had decided the best way to treat me was to cut my body to match my diseased self-image, I’d obviously be dead. Why accept the same madness for gender dysphoria?” wrote a responder. It’s a very good question and one that doctors should be asking themselves before rushing to treat an illness that has deep psychological roots with hormones and surgery.

Perhaps the most disturbing message this commercial is sending, as subtle as a sledgehammer through glass, is that parents should be affirming and helping their children hurt themselves. In one scene, a mother is helping to bind her daughter’s breasts. This is a practice that can cause internal injuries and tissue damage. Telling parents they should assist their children in inflicting self-harm is the sickest thing I ever saw. Full stop.

Watch it on mute so the happy music doesn’t blind you to the absolute evil on display here. And as for Sprite, it’s is a crappy drink anyway that will give you diabetes, so toss it in the garbage and pass it up at the store.

Megan Fox is the author of “Believe Evidence; The Death of Due Process from Salome to #MeToo.” Follow on Twitter @MeganFoxWriter


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