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Breast Binding by Trans 'Boys' Is Causing Irreparable Damage to Organs and Bones

I remember when I was a little girl reading about the female toddlers in China who had their feet bound to keep them small and stop them from growing. The Chinese people would do this because they believed small feet on a female were attractive. The end result was a horrific, painful deformity that crippled the woman for life. The same magazines would show us the Africans who stretched their lips and necks with large metal rings. The neck stretching was incredibly dangerous because after the neck had stretched past a certain point, it could no longer hold up the weight of the head without the heavy metal bangles. I remember staring at the photographs of deformed feet and necks without being able to understand why people would harm themselves in such a way. I was grateful I had not been born in such a place. Try to watch this video without physically shuddering.

What should have stayed in ancient, backward cultures has come to America under the guise of "tolerance" and "acceptance" when it comes to people suffering with the mental illness that is gender dysphoria. Instead of treating the illness with medication or therapy, American doctors are allowing people to mutilate themselves in order to achieve a false sense of identity. The negative effects of such drastic action are always hidden from the public at large, but can be found with diligent searching.

One of the ways that girls who want to be boys are told to begin "transitioning" is the very dangerous and stupid practice of "chest binding." Similar to the binding of little girls' feet, the girl who thinks she's a boy will wrap her chest tightly in bandages or buy a special binder to compress the chest and alter the growth of natural breast tissue. Transgender "information" sites advertise this as "an effective way for someone to make a gradual female-to-male (FTM) transition." This doesn't sound too bad until you get to the complications. 

One of the biggest health consequence of chest binding is compressed or broken ribs, which can lead to further health problems. Unfortunately, you can fracture the ribs fairy easily so you should avoid binding your chest using bandages or tapes, as these can be unsafe.

Compressing your chest too tightly or incorrectly can permanently damage small blood vessels. This can cause blood flow problems and increase the risk of developing blood clots. Over time, this can lead to inflamed ribs (costochondritis) and even a heart attack due to decreased blood flow to the heart.

The following are some symptoms you should look out for: