Gay Pro-Trump Recording Artist Blacklisted by Music Industry Influencers

Gay Pro-Trump Recording Artist Blacklisted by Music Industry Influencers
Rick Rebel (Image via Facebook screenshot)

Ricky Rebel, a Billboard Top 40 recording artist who wore a Trump tuxedo to the Grammys, released his new single, “Sheep,” from his latest album, The New Alpha, on the anniversary of Donald Trump’s election this month, despite knowing his song will not be played on the radio.

“I wrote the song “Sheep” to wake people up to the reality that 90 percent of the mainstream media are lying to the American People,” Rebel told PJ Media. “The lying, fake, criminal mainstream media are truly the enemy of the people. The sheep are the people that believe those lies and act on them in heinous ways, divorcing their partners, ending relationships with friends and family, rioting and setting fire to colleges like Antifa, and trying to get people fired from their jobs, all because the American people voted for the candidate that they didn’t want them to. Cancel culture is authoritarianism,” he said.

Ricky rebel – Sheep ft. Tommy Joe Ratliff (Radio Edit)

#RickyRebel – Sheep 🐑 ft. #tommyjoeratliff (Official Music Video)[Radio Edit]. #MAGA #Trump2020 #MAGACHALLENGE. For the naughty version, go to my official YouTube channel RICKYREBELTV.

Posted by Ricky Rebel on Saturday, November 9, 2019

Rebel has been blacklisted by professionals and radio stations that used to play his music, and fired by a manager because of his political ideas. He has electronic communications with industry decision-makers to prove it.

Rebel was banned on JDRFM by DJ Joey. “Due to some changes in JDRFM T.O.S. we have removed some artists including Rick Rebel,” DJ Joey wrote. A “link was sent to corporate about your views on Donald Trump and it caused a ruckus within my department so they removed it. Something about you agree on his views and upset some people. So I guess that’s the reason,” he explained. “It’s who you support. No one here likes [Donald Trump],” he wrote to Rebel, explaining why they stopped playing his music. “If we played music and supported discrimination we’d be just as guilty.” You can read the full exchange below.

(Screenshot from Facebook, Ricky Rebel)

Before the decision by JDRFM to drop Rebel’s work, he was booking Pride parades and events regularly. “Now they ignore my applications to perform there,” said Rebel.

(Text messages from Claudio Cueni to Ricky Rebel)

Claudio Cueni is an influential mix engineer who worked with Rebel on his albums Manipulator and The Blue Album. After Rebel’s support of the president became known, Cueni cut him off, writing, “I can’t support an artist that supports this administration. I’m a first generation immigrant with a black son. It would be like asking me to mix for the KKK…Maybe one day one of us sees the light and we can work together again.” Cueni, like so many on the left, holds the belief that all people must be in lockstep agreement to work together.

“It feels awful to be persecuted against for being authentic,” Rebel told PJ Media. “Every American has the right to openly support the president of the United States. At the end of the day, I could care less about who anyone votes for, but I’m deeply troubled by the retaliation coming from the far left for anyone who dares having differing views.” Rebel also hates getting lumped in with the far right. “I also despise the far right. They’re anti-gay, anti-Jew, anti-Black, etc. That’s not what MAGA is about,” he said. “MAGA is for ALL Americans. President Trump held the gay flag up at his rally, not the Aryan race flag. Trump is not their candidate.”

Despite all the evidence that Trump supporters are not racist and that the movement includes people from every race and creed, the media continues to push the narrative that a vote for Trump is a vote for white supremacy.

“People who believe the mainstream media lies are sheep. I wrote the song to un-sheep the sheeple,” said Rebel. “Only the sheep need Facebook to tell them what is true or false. People have the power to decide for themselves what is true or not. Zuckerberg is not the gatekeeper for reality. Do you your own research, make up your own mind, and stop trying to destroy people’s lives for disagreeing with you.”

Rebel joined the #MAGAChallenge on Twitter, where Trump supporters are sharing raps they wrote to explain why they’re voting for Trump in 2020. This video will not ingratiate him to the haters—not that he cares. Rebel only had one more thing to say on the subject, “Oh, and Trump is still your president. Deal with it.”


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