Abortion Is Hilarious, but Bruce Jenner Jokes Are Off Limits


Recently, an article titled “Abortion Can and Should be a Laughing Matter, Here’s Why” was published at IJReview. Author Rachel Ryan had just attended a gala event sponsored by pro-abortion fauxminists, where they hired comedians to tell abortion jokes all night. Boy, am I so sorry I missed that girls’ night out! Somebody pour me a double vodka with a side of utter despair! The pro-abortion crowd is constantly saying things like no one loves abortion and abortion should be rare and then they write crap like this that peels the mask off their deceitful doublespeak. Ryan wrote:

Humor helps the abortion-weary American public see the complex issue from a new perspective, using fresh language to discuss things that otherwise seem too sensitive, too complicated or all too human.

Yes, it is too human indeed. Tiny human hands and feet and heads and legs floating in a strainer full of human blood while murderers pretending to be doctors barter over the price of human livers is a human tragedy. But the pro-abortion ghouls only see comedy in the fetal remains mutilated baby parts. Ryan even goes as far as to say that everything is fair game:

I’m not sure there’s any issue out there that couldn’t be a joking matter.

Really? Is she sure about that? Let’s test that theory.

Comedian Jamie Foxx made a Bruce Jenner transgender joke that didn’t go very well. A bunch of people on Twitter didn’t think it was very funny. He was labeled “transphobic.” In fact, we’ve been told that no one is allowed to joke about Bruce or Caitlyn or any guy who likes to wear dresses…ever. It’s not allowed, it’s wrong.

Then came the public apologies and Twitter scrubbing and general fainting at “Caitlyn’s” Manolo-clad feet.

Granted, Bruce Jenner was born before Roe v. Wade, so he has more of a right to an apology since he was allowed to actually live and has functioning ears to hear the mean things said about him. The little defenseless, nameless babies who didn’t survive Planned Parenthood’s forceps never had any rights and so their plight can be laughed at by drunken comedians and the disgusting women who go to see such such rot. They’ll never know. This truly solidifies in my mind the opinion held by writer Matt Walsh that if you still support Planned Parenthood (and go to abortion festivals) you are simply not a decent person. 

The people who advocate for the fair treatment of transgendered people (and who will ruin your life on Twitter for having a contrary opinion) are the same people who think abortion jokes are the height of comedy and free expression. I want off this crazy train because it is clearly derailing.

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