Planned Parenthood Blasts Music That 'Sounds Like It Came From Hell' at Peaceful Protesters

I went to the Planned Parenthood protest in Aurora, IL, on August 22, 2015, and while the huge crowd was heartening, something happened that I still can’t believe. Recently I wrote about the lame “Funny or Die” video that made fun of our outrage over Planned Parenthood tearing babies limb from limb and selling the parts to the highest bidder. But those are comedians, so we expect them to be crass and outrageous. What we don’t expect is for Planned Parenthood, whose representatives have been caught gorging themselves on salad and wine while they talk about crushing the bodies of the unborn for profit, to join in on the merrymaking. One would think they would be sobered by the scandal. One would think they would be careful not to seem callous or ghoulish in the face of accusations of crimes against humanity that have been likened to slavery, cannibalism, and the Holocaust.

One would be wrong.

While standing within the sound of priests and monks praying the rosary in calming rhythm, another sound came out of the abortion mill in front of us, this one hellish. Planned Parenthood piped discordant, eerie horror music out of speakers hidden somewhere on the building (leading me to surmise they had them installed when the place was built for just an occasion like this!).

This is their idea of a sick joke.

We know they are delivering live, whole babies (who are kicking!) and cutting their faces off to extract brains — and they know WE know it. So what do they do? They broadcast their depravity in surround sound. Horror-movie madness is what this is. When will thinking people stand up and see the horror show Planned Parenthood really is? They know they’re killing babies. You know they’re killing babies. The difference is they think it’s funny.

America, you need to get off your couches and stop this revolting corporation from profiting off the blood of our children right now. Get a grip and get in the fight. 

May God have mercy on us all.


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by Andrew Klavan