5 Reasons Megan Fox's Heart Isn't in Acting Anymore

I knew this day would come. I’ve been wondering when I would feel compelled to write about the “other” Megan Fox who is a part of my daily life whether I want her to be or not. Grocery store checkout girls gasp and giggle at the sight of my credit card, AT&T phone operators in India ask trepidatiously if I’m really HER. Several times a day, I hear, “Megan Fox? Like the movie star!” Why yes. Yes I am. I’m becoming like that poor guy named Donald Trump who is not Donald Trump but gets reservations anywhere he wants while disappointing countless hostesses. It’s mostly tiresome but sometimes funny. Recently, Fox (the other one) made the news for speaking truthfully about the state of her heart when it comes to making movies when she has small children at home:

“I’ve never been an extraordinarily ambitious girl or career-oriented, but especially once I got pregnant with my first son and now [having] my second, it’s so hard to be a working mom especially when your heart is not in your work, when your heart is with your family.”

Megan Fox is experiencing what most mothers feel the moment they set eyes on their tiny new child. Suddenly, everything else becomes less important, even when you’re a big time movie star. Regardless of what faux feminists tell women that they can “have it all” or they should never give up the rat race and press ahead by hiring nannies and using daycare, Fox isn’t falling for it, and neither do most of us. This is not to say there aren’t countless women who have to work who would rather not. They are in the same category as Fox. Necessity demands they work but deep down, here are the reasons they’d prefer not to.

5. Your giggling baby.

You never know what’s going to set them off. You don’t want to miss it when it happens.

4. Catching your kid walking while also testing your new technology like Google Glass

Seriously, this is only exciting and fun for parents and for parents it’s better than winning the Lotto.

3. That day when you realize that 4 year olds never stop talking and you’re expected to answer them.

I used to keep a running list of all the crazy questions my four year old asked me but I lost them due to an iPhone meltdown. My favorite was, “do turtles have teeth?” I can’t tell you how entertaining/exasperating this is. And even though it gets tiring, it is also the best thing about four year olds. Here’s one mommy’s account of part of her day of answering her inquisitive 4-year-old.

Before bath last night…
Lila: Why do we use a different brushes for our teeth and hair?
Me:  Because you can’t fit a hair brush in your mouth silly!

Lila: Why does poop smell?
Me:  I’m sure it has to do with food in your tummy, umm let’s google that after you get dressed.
Lila:  What’s google?
Me:  A search engine on the internet that can find answers to most subjects
Lila:  What’s the internet?
Me:  Brush your teeth!

While in the bath…
Lila:  How do we know God is real if we can’t see him?  (Seriously, I’m getting this at 4?  I really should have paid better attention in CCD.)
Me:  You just have to believe, God is everywhere, even inside you.
Lila:  How did he get inside me?
Me:  How do you know God is a boy?  (stumped her there!)

Lila: Is Santa Claus real? Because the first Santa I saw had a white beard, and the one at school  had a grey beard.
Me:  Put your head back, I need to wash your hair.  (Do I tell her?  No clue how to answer this…)

Lila:  How do reindeer fly?  They don’t have wings.
Me:  Magic
Lila:  Is magic real?
Me:  Do you believe it is?
Lila:  I don’t know…that’s why I asked you.

Today on a long car ride while watching an Ariel DVD…
Lila: Does an octopus have bones?  Because I think the tentacles look jiggly.
Me:  Probably not, but why don’t you ask Siri, I’m driving. (hand her the iphone)
Lila: She can’t find anything. (later we searched the web on my phone, and no they don’t have bones. I’m sure you were dying to learn the answer!)

Lila:  If Ariel is a mermaid, how come her daughter has legs and not fins?
Me:  Because when she had Melody, Ariel was a human?
Lila:  If we go to the beach will I see a mermaid?
Me:   Uh no.

This is the stuff that contains the meaning of life, I tell you! It’s important and certainly more entertaining than some board meeting.

2. Who’s at work? This guy.

Not that Megan Fox has ever had to work in a cubicle but I bet some of her directors have reminded her of Bill Lumbergh, constantly harping on the same stupid red tape ridiculousness “bosses” love to invent. Who wouldn’t rather be pushing a toddler in a swing than listening to this?

1. Being with your kids is great and I’m sure it’s better with a bunch of money.

I manage to have fun with my kids without spending a bunch of money but I admit there are times I would really like to be able to splurge on them more often. Someone as blessed financially as Fox has the opportunity to travel with her kids and expose them to the whole world.  They’re busy living and I’m sure it’s a lot more fulfilling than being tied down to a 9 to 5 job.