Cesar Millan Is on the Case of the Biting and Pooping Major Biden

White House

In November, a pet psychic claimed that Joe Biden’s dogs, Major and Champ, were excited to live in the White House and that they think Bumblin’ Joe will be “a great president.” Months later, Major Biden has been involved in two biting incidents. He is being blamed for one poop-on-the-floor incident—though I have my doubts that it was Major.

So, what’s going on? If we can’t trust animal psychics, where are we as a society?

To answer the ever-so-important question about what’s going on with the Biden canine, high-profile dog experts have been weighing in.

The infamous dog whisperer, Cesar Millan, said last month that Major is not to blame for the incidents that have given the White House headaches these past few months. “It’s a new environment. It’s new people. And this particular place is a lot of stress,” Millan said.

“The way [Champ and Major] see it, they just appeared from one place to another place one day,” Millan added. “And to us, the White House is a very symbolic house in the world, a very powerful house – but in the dog world, it’s just a house where people are not in sync.”

Millan says the Bidens (as if they’re the ones taking care of the dogs) have to let the dogs “adapt in their way.”

Another dog expert, Jason Cohen, told Politico that Major doesn’t feel safe in the White House. “What Major is saying is that he doesn’t feel safe yet. And if he doesn’t feel safe, he can’t trust. And if he can’t trust, he can’t feel calm.”

“Within that White House, you’ve got a lot of people. And if you’ve got a lot of people there, that is probably what’s getting the dog more reactive,” said another dog expert named Joel Silverman.

Perhaps Major is just a Republican dog and doesn’t like what Joe is doing to the country.

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