Now That Documentary Filmmakers Have Rehabilitated Fauci's Image, Here Are Some Other Bad Actors They Might Want to Prop Up

Now That Documentary Filmmakers  Have Rehabilitated Fauci's Image, Here Are Some Other Bad Actors They Might Want to Prop Up
AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite, Pool

Fauci, the National Geographic Documentary Films feature released on Sept. 10th and now playing in select theaters, shapes up as one of the most bizarro-world hagiographies ever produced. In a sane world, Rand Paul would be getting a Ken Burns-style special, with a respectful retelling of how Senator Paul sounded alarm bells about Dr. Fauci, the man whose NIAID helped fund Wuhan’s gain-of-function lab, who climbed on a media-constructed pedestal and perfected a bogus role as America’s microbiological savior, and then bald-faced lied about Wuhan in front of Congress.

But no, it’s Fauci who’s getting the accolades. In contradiction to damning evidence that snapshots Fauci up to his laboratory gloves in experimentation with alarmingly infectious agents, the documentary aims to paint him as the nation’s true-grit expert on COVID-19, and the most beneficent and trusted information-disseminator since Walter Cronkite.

Th ereviews are in, and here’s a good representative, which goes on and on about AIDS, but never mentions the Wuhan connection, the glaring omission of a fact that is apparently omitted from the documentary as well. (Authors Note: I have not seen Fauci, and, having seen all I can stomach from this doctor, don’t intend to.)

If Anthony Fauci can be cast in such a redemptive light based on political motivations held by a leftist cadre of influencers and decision-makers, why can’t other celebratory specials that bury inconvenient ledes be produced?

Peter Strzok

Former FBI agent Peter Strzok’s mincing, evil-eyed face of bureaucratic menace is emblazoned upon the American consciousness. Motivated by political hatred, he and his accomplices took it upon themselves to bring down duly-elected President Donald Trump. But in this theoretical CNN special, Peter Strzok, The Morning After Midnight, the lighter side of Strzok’s contemptuous personality is explored in depth.

Among other choice nuggets culled from Strzok’s off hours, his propensity for helping little old ladies cross busy Washington streets will be highlighted. Unhighlighted will be the fact that he helps them cross the street whether they want to cross the street or not.

Pol Pot

You’ve seen the piles of skulls left in the wake of the regime of Cambodia’s bloodthirsty Communist dictator. But did you know that all during his housecleaning campaign he maintained an abiding interest in ceramics? In the Vice Network docudrama, Pol Pot’s Surprisingly Beautiful Pottery Creations, it will be revealed that Mr. Pot had a ceramics workshop adjacent to one of his interrogation rooms, and went there often to escape the stresses of his tyrannical rule.

Jeffrey Dahmer

It is hard to paint anything but a grisly face on this remorseless serial killer. There’s just nothing good to say about a homosexual psychopath who lured victims to his apartment and implacably snuffed them out. But if some obscure Home & Garden channel can overlook the unsavory backstory, there’s a doc here, a program that could catapult a seldom-watched network into cable prime time: What We Can Learn About Refrigeration From Jeffrey Dahmer.  

Governor Andrew Cuomo

Too easy, and too soon, right? Perhaps. But the fact is that Governor Cuomo will probably never get a redemptive Fauci-style documentary. While it’s true that his decisions consigned untold thousands of senior citizens to unnecessary and premature coronavirus deaths, that is not the resigned governor’s worst transgression against the leftists he needed to remain in office. Had he not gotten too “handsy” with some of his female associates, and become too threatening to a DNC hierarchy that gave us the godawful Joe Biden, it is not out of the realm that we might have seen a CNBC docu-series titled, Who Cares? He Cared. But Stuff Happens.

Gavin Newsom

The laudatory film for this politician, who cavorted with his elite budskys at Napa Valley’s French Laundry while his sanctuary state was shut down and burning, is already in production. It was put into production the morning after he survived California’s recall, and will debut on PBS one year from now after he beats back all comers and is reelected.

It is a production aimed at preparing the way for the photogenic “progressive” to launch a future run for the presidency.  Omitted from the special will be the pain and suffering caused by Newsom’s undemocratic COVID strictures, his blithe acceptance of an insidious homeless problem, his capitulation to conflagrating wacko-environmentalist forest policy, and fealty to a far-left Marxist ideology that has all but destroyed the Golden State.

If left unchecked, the Newsom film, Yes We Can, Again, will transmogrify from nationwide screens into nationwide policy.

Mao Tse Tung     

Hard to believe, isn’t it, that the man who ruled over The Great Leap Forward, whose misguided agricultural policies resulted in the Great Chinese Famine, and whose unwavering and pitiless quest for purge was either directly or indirectly responsible for tens of millions of Chinese deaths, could ever get a rehabilitative special made and broadcast in the West? But in a prospective NBC special, Mao: The Heavy Hand Of Destiny, hosted by Lester Holt, with commentary by Chuck Todd and advisory contributions from Hunter Biden, much, if not all, will be forgiven.

When the special premieres, in the run-up to a 2024 Trump/Newsom general election, you can either tune in and face the enemy, or tune out and enjoy the denial. The way things are going, what you may not be able to do is do anything about it.

In Conclusion

See how it works? Anyone can be redeemed by the right production team: Charles Manson, just-released scumbag Kennedy-killer Sirhan Sirhan, Eric Swalwell. Even Anthony Fauci, who turned out to have a taxpayer-funded hand in the kind of viral research that ended up–through an apparent lab escape–killing millions, mostly senior citizens and people with underlying conditions.

On the review site Rotten Tomatoes, Fauci earns an 88% from the leftist reviewers, but, as of publishing time, there are no—zip, zero, nada—audience reviews. According to the site, no audience reviews mean that not enough people have posted reviews of a film to garner any kind of rating for it.

You have to wonder.