7 Fabulous Gifts for People Stuck in the 1980s

You and your entire family have picked your Secret Santas this year, and you happened to choose the one family member who is completely stuck in another decade. If she had it her way, Duran Duran would play 24/7 on the radio and Jane Fonda’s workout would be the only thing needed to lose a few pounds. So what do you buy for someone who would be far happier if it were the 1980s? Lucky for you, we’ve got you covered.

If you need some ideas for an ’80s child, then look no further!

7. Roller skates

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No need for knee pads with this gift. We rode these babies before anyone even thought about safety. How excited would you be to open a box and discover a rad pair of skates that you can take for a spin? You might even want to buy an extra pair or two, because what fun is a roller rink without a bunch of people you love?

6. Original Nintendo console

Sure, the recipient of this gift might have to resort to blowing on the cartridges to remove the dust so that the games work properly, but it’ll be just like old times! What more could an ’80s darling love than hours upon hours of uninterrupted Super Mario Brothers and Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!? While the graphics are remarkably simple, these games don’t make you dizzy like the new games available today.

5. Mixtape (and a boombox or Walkman so they can play it!)

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Because this would take a bit of work on your part, make sure you really like the person you’re making this for. If you don’t happen to have the necessary equipment lying around, you’ll have to find it. The easier way out would be to make a playlist with awesome ’80s songs, but where’s the love in that? Just make sure you also gift a Walkman or boombox because your relative will have no way to listen to the awesome sauce that you compiled.

4. Cabbage Patch Kid

Do you remember that sweet plastic smell that emerged when you opened the box for a brand new Cabbage Patch Kid? And then you would check its butt for the Xavier Roberts signature just to make sure that it was authentic. Giving this gift is giving the gift of nostalgia, and your ’80s lover will be swept back 35 years into the past in an instant.

3. Pack of Garbage Pail Kids

If you need a smaller stocking stuffer, then this is where it’s at. These cards are disgusting and ridiculous, but they defined the youth of an entire generation. Looking through them again to find Bony Tony, Mauled Paul, Adam Bomb, and their friends is like being back in the playground with your bestie.

2. Lite Brite, Glo Worm, Pound Puppy, or Strawberry Shortcake

Speaking of nostalgia, you can’t go wrong with a classic toy from the ’80s. You have plenty to choose from, but Lite Brite, Glo Worm, Pound Puppies and Strawberry Shortcake (remember how yummy she smelled?!) are an excellent starting point. You’re probably singing the Lite Brite jingle in your head right now, aren’t you?

1. Trivial Pursuit: ’80s Edition

You know that your entire family spent a good portion of the 1980s playing Trivial Pursuit, so why not take your Secret Santa back to that time? While any edition of the game is a ton of fun, you’re bound to hit the nail on the head with the ’80s edition. Don’t forget that it’ll require knowledge of more than just pop culture, but that’s what makes it so much fun. After your relative opens up this gift, why not propose that everyone sit down for a quick game before diving into dessert?