Woman, 'Curious' about 'Stages of Death,' Hid Dead Mother's Body in Home, Police Say

Donna Sue Hudgins, 69, is under arrest for a most unusual crime: felony concealment of death. The Enfield, North Carolina, woman hid her own mother’s body in her home after the 93-year-old had died. The reason? The suspect told local police that she was “curious about the stages of death.”


According to the Enfield Police Department’s Facebook post on the matter, “Hudgins went to a funeral home to make funeral arrangements stating that her mother passed that morning but that she did not know where EMS had taken the body. The funeral home tried and also could not locate the deceased. The funeral home became concerned and contacted the Enfield Police Department.” When the police arrived, they met with Hudgins and then entered the home to do a welfare check. That is when they discovered the body of Nellie Mae Hudgins, which was badly decomposed. The woman had apparently been deceased for several months.

The younger Hudgins had only recently told others about the passing of her mother. In the interim, when concerned family and friends would stop by to visit the elderly woman, her daughter would stop them at the door and provide an excuse as to why they couldn’t see her.

Hudgins is scheduled to appear in court on November 8, 2018.

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