Store Caught Sticking Googly Eyes on Fish to Make Them Look Fresh

When you are shopping for fish, there are important ways to check its freshness. Of course there is the smell test. (Hint: it shouldn’t smell fishy!) And if you’re buying a whole fish, its eyes will tell you everything you need to know. They should be bright and bulging — not cloudy or murky in any way.

In an attempt to pull one over on unsuspecting fish consumers, a store in Kuwait has done something that you would only ever expect to find in an Onion article. It was recently closed down after sticking googly eyes on its fish. And of course it went viral on Twitter when someone realized what was going on.

Let’s unwrap this, shall we? First, when you pick up the googly-eyed fish (assuming you haven’t already realized the eyes were fake), wouldn’t you notice them jiggling around? That might give away the ruse. But as one Twitter member pointed out, if you know to check the eyes for freshness, chances are you won’t be fooled by this trick.

Nevertheless, it is pretty bold and creative to attempt such a thing. Maybe the store should be cut a little slack?

As you would expect, Twitter had some fun with the whole thing — fish puns and all:

The next time you’re buying some branzino or snapper for dinner, you might want to confirm that the eyes aren’t moving around at all…