Necco Wafers Are Gone Forever; New Owner Shutters Massachusetts Factory

Necco Wafers are displayed in Boston. (AP Photo/Charles Krupa, File)

It’s official: children today will never be able to fully appreciate the sweet, powdery goodness of Necco Wafers. Chances are, your childhood memories somehow involve crunching on the hard wafer candies. You probably peeled back that wax paper to find the flavors that you loved and left the undesirable ones for your siblings and friends, hoping no one would fight you for the pink or white ones.

According to USA Today, the Massachusetts plant that produces the beloved candy has shut down. “Round Hill Investments announced that it had sold the once-bankrupt Necco, purchased for $17.3 million in May, to another candy maker.” Apparently Necco (which is short for New England Confectionery Co…. who knew??) dates back to 1847! Rumor even has it that soldiers during the Civil War and World War II enjoyed the candies. And they also reportedly have traveled as far as the Arctic, where explorers snacked on them while crossing the tundra.

It certainly hasn’t been easy to find the classic candy, as it is usually relegated to the “oldies” section of classic candy stores. But sadly, those of us who have enjoyed them will no longer be able to. With tons of options available today, children will probably think they’re not missing out on much, but some of us will beg to differ.