Parents Take 30-Year-Old Son to Court after He Refuses to Stop Squatting at Their Place

We’ve all heard stories about Millenials crashing at their parents’ place a tad too long. Some say that Baby Boomers have coddled their children to the point where they aren’t even able to get a self-sustaining job or a place to live. While some of that might be up for debate, the truth remains that there are some 30-somethings who just need to leave mom and dad alone.

Michael Rotondo, 30, of a Syracuse, N.Y., suburb, has been living with his parents for eight years, ever since losing his job at the age of 22. While he has gone on to run a website company, he continues to squat at their place. And the worst part? He doesn’t pay rent or help out around the house.

After countless conversations asking him to leave, five written notices, and even after offering Michael over $1000 — which he took — to help him find an apartment of his own, parents Mark and Christina Rotondo were fed up. They took their son to court, and are suing to get him to leave their property.

After hearing Michael plead his case, state Supreme Court Justice Donald Greenwood ordered him to move out. The “young” man said that he plans to appeal the decision and that he finds it “outrageous.”

According to ABC 7, “Michael Rotondo sparred with Greenwood for 30 minutes, at one point refusing the judge’s request to work things out directly to his parents, who were sitting quietly nearby.”

Despite the fact that the son says he no longer speaks with his parents, he is not ready to leave their house. But following this court order, he intends to return home to get a few personal belongings before looking for someplace to stay.