Family Attacked by Baby Bobcats They Mistook for Domestic Kittens

A family in San Antonio, Texas, had an unpleasant surprise recently. After finding what they believed to be two domestic kittens, they took them home and offered them kitten milk. That’s when the three well-intentioned people were attacked by the furry babies. After a quick Google search and closer scrutiny of the animals, they discovered that they weren’t regular kittens after all. They were in fact bobcats.

After they were bitten, the family realized that the kittens had bobbed tails and were larger and stronger than an average house cat, according to USA Today. The cats are currently in quarantine.

The situation is being investigated to determine if it was a criminal act to relocate the kittens. Now that they have been removed from their mother, they will never grow up in the wild. They will have to be cared for by humans, which are their main predator. While they will likely thrive in captivity, it is not ideal.

According to the City of San Antonio Animal Care Services Facebook page, the people who captured the animals “still maintain they believed the cats were Bengal kittens, a rare domestic breed.”

The cats were found in Atascosa County by a relative of the bite victims.

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