Competitive Eater Downs 125 Cupcakes in Under 9 Minutes

If you have been known to enjoy a cupcake here and there, you might consider signing up for a cupcake eating challenge. Only problem is that you might need to eat well over 100 of the scrumptious desserts to win.

That’s what competitive eater Matt “Megatoad” Stonie did. He successfully consumed 125 cupcakes in 8 minutes and 55.15 seconds, according to HuffPost.  Only he didn’t enter himself into a competition to do it. He did it for fun—and for his YouTube audience.

You might have seen Stonie in the past since he won the 2015 Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest. (For that one, he ate 62 franks and buns in 10 minutes.) But somehow eating a mountain of cupcakes is nothing like eating dozens of hot dogs. The sugar can become overwhelming—which is not surprising since the number of calories in the 125 that Stonie downed amounted to over 12,000 calories.

After seamlessly eating 50 cupcakes in two minutes in his viral video, Stonie said, “I was stuck in the tornado of sugar.” It then took him almost 7 more minutes to finish the remaining 75.

This wasn’t the first sweet challenge that Stonie has undertaken. He has also eaten 85 MoonPies and 255 Peeps in a few minutes.

Stonie’s determination to be an eating champ begs the question: how many cupcakes would you eat in one sitting?