Pilot Flies Over 2,500 Miles to Deliver Lost Ring to Owner

It turns out that not all news about airlines these days is bad news. Just last week, Brit Morin lost her wedding and engagement rings at some point while traveling from New York to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. She had taken them off while filming a segment for Good Morning America, where she is a regular guest, but didn’t know where they ended up.

A crew member spotted her rings, which are welded together, near a gate in Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey, according to USA Today. They were then handed to a pilot, Captain Jim Moorey, who safeguarded them and flew them from Newark to San Francisco, where Morin is located.

In a handwritten note that was attached to the rings, Moorey wrote, “So happy I was able to return this ring to you.” Morin took to Twitter to point out that Moorey had HAND DELIVERED her precious belongings to her in San Francisco. She wrote that she has “a newfound faith in humanity and airlines.”

In a statement, United Airlines wrote: โ€œThis is great to see our employees being recognized for their care for our customers.”

It seems as though the skies are a bit friendlier again these days.

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