This Hack for Trimming Your Dog's Nails Is the Most Genius Thing Ever

If you have a furry companion and have tried to cut his nails on your own, then you know what an utter disaster it can be. One clip and the dog sprints under the bed, only to come out at dinnertime (maybe). If he does happen to stay nearby, chances are he wiggles and writhes the entire time, leaving you sweating and breathless by the time you’re through.

One dog daddy clearly had enough of the puppy manicure dance and came up with an ingenious solution that the internet has loved.

Kendal Peifer took to Twitter to share photos of her dad in the process of cutting their dog’s nails. But instead of wrestling the poor animal to the floor, he invented a contraption to make everything go smoothly:

And the headlamp?! Come on. Pure perfection. Also, it was pretty smart of the dad to go out and buy a bag for the occasion. Otherwise, the Mrs. might have been pretty put off if her purse were cut to pieces so the dog could hang out in it.

The dog probably hates this whole plan, but at least he’s not going anywhere!

Other Twitter users didn’t let the ingenious life hack go unnoticed:

Others, though, really felt for Fido:

Would your dog stand for this?


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