Guests Spooked after Terrifying Live Animatronic Decapitations at Disneyland

Normally, Disneyland and Disney World are very protective over their characters — almost at any cost. There is a well-known rumor that the cast members who wear those giant character costumes in the parks (like Mickey Mouse, Goofy, and the rest) must NEVER remove their costume heads in public. Even if it’s stiflingly hot, or if they have vomited inside the head, Disney employees need to wait until they are out of the public view before they can disrobe.

So it definitely came as a surprise to Disneyland guests this week when a couple of animated characters in the park had a decapitation problem. Animatronic Ursula, unfortunately, lost her head, and park visitors had to watch her continue to sing with the head dangling by a few wires. The sight horrified some younger guests, for sure.

Others had a sense of humor about the mishap… er, mishead?

Visitors to the park were then surely surprised to find that the auctioneer in the “Pirates of the Caribbean” ride also had a little trouble keeping his head on straight.

Frighteningly enough, his face kept moving until he was completely shut off…

Maybe Disney decided to have a little cross-character interaction?

One thing is for sure: until management figures out whose fault it was that not one, but TWO, characters got decapitated, people might want to watch their own heads…