Twitter Has a Field Day with Nintendo's Latest 'Console'

(Image via Twitter/Gamespot)

If you’re into gaming, or have kids who are, you might have seen the announcement for the new Nintendo Labo. You may have noticed that it’s… well… a bit different from previous game consoles. Called “The Switch,” it will certainly have you scratching your head. The real question is: would you spend money on something that looks like it can be made with some recycling? Once Twitter caught wind of the “Switch experience,” it had a little fun.

See, Nintendo basically created a cardboard box for the Switch. Not something that looks like a cardboard box, but an actual cardboard box. Here is the ad from GameSpot.

Some people felt that they could make their own with what they had on hand:

Others felt for the poor trees that would be affected by the announcement:

And still others took issue with having to put it together themselves:

Then, of course, you have to consider what it would be like for multiple online players, all using the new Switch:

This guy has a very good point. NO ONE enjoys assembling anything:

Another person had a very unique vision:

And this fan pointed out what we all know about Nintendo, but maybe haven’t been able to articulate:

I don’t know, Nintendo, you might have missed the mark here…