Twitter Has a Field Day with Nintendo's Latest 'Console'

If you’re into gaming, or have kids who are, you might have seen the announcement for the new Nintendo Labo. You may have noticed that it’s… well… a bit different from previous game consoles. Called “The Switch,” it will certainly have you scratching your head. The real question is: would you spend money on something that looks like it can be made with some recycling? Once Twitter caught wind of the “Switch experience,” it had a little fun.

See, Nintendo basically created a cardboard box for the Switch. Not something that looks like a cardboard box, but an actual cardboard box. Here is the ad from GameSpot.

Some people felt that they could make their own with what they had on hand:

Others felt for the poor trees that would be affected by the announcement:

And still others took issue with having to put it together themselves:

Then, of course, you have to consider what it would be like for multiple online players, all using the new Switch:

This guy has a very good point. NO ONE enjoys assembling anything:

Another person had a very unique vision:

And this fan pointed out what we all know about Nintendo, but maybe haven’t been able to articulate:

I don’t know, Nintendo, you might have missed the mark here…