Mystery Pooper Is Running Amok in Buffalo Suburb

Someone in Orchard Park, N.Y. either has a sick sense of humor or some serious bowel problems. The suburb of Buffalo has been plagued recently with human feces, and no one knows whom to hold responsible.

According to the Buffalo News, a woman made a complaint to police about excrement she found on her property on November 8. She thought that a jogger might be to blame since it had happened more than once.

Despite the fact that only one complaint had been filed with police, it seems that public pooping might be a recurring issue for the town. In fact, an ad was even placed in the Orchard Park Pennysaver in the hopes of catching the criminal. The ad informs the person that his or her actions are violating a health ordinance and are putting children in danger. It warns that cameras have been installed to identify the person, and that police are patrolling the area.

(Image via Orchard Park Pennysaver)

Unfortunately, nothing has come of the ad, since it seems run-by poopings keep occurring. Oddly, this isn’t the first incident of public pooping that we have heard about. Earlier this month, an Amazon delivery woman was caught on camera as she decided to turn one unsuspecting driveway into her toilet. And a female jogger in Colorado really had it out for one family, since she repeatedly pooped on their lawn during her daily runs.

Hopefully, 2018 will bring with it many joys and much continence.