New Bride Accidentally Kills 17 People While Attempting to Poison Her Husband

A 21-year-old woman has been arrested after killing 17 people with a poisonous substance that was intended for her new husband. Aasia Bibi, who lived in the remote village of Alipur, 60 miles south of Multan, a city in Pakistan, was forced by her parents to marry a relative.

“I repeatedly asked my parents not to marry me against my will as my religion, Islam, also allows me to choose the man of my choice for marriage but my parents rejected all of my pleas and they married me to a relative,” she said.

Bibi continued her relationship with her boyfriend, Shahid Lashari, after getting married. It was Lashari who provided Bibi with the poisonous substance intended for her husband. Bibi mixed it into some milk that her husband refused to drink. But her mother-in-law “used the tainted milk to make a traditional yogurt-based drink and served it to 27 members of her extended family who fell unconscious and were hospitalized.” According to the district chief of police, Sohail Habib Tajak, 17 people later died from the poison.

Despite the fact that many parents arrange for the marriages of their daughters in Pakistan, Bibi warned her own parents that she would do whatever she had to do to get out of the marriage since they wouldn’t permit her to divorce her husband.

Bibi has shown remorse for the deaths because her only target had been her husband.