The Bush Twins Discuss Their New Book, 'Sisters First'

Barbara Bush and Jenna Bush Hager have been busy promoting their new book, Sisters First. The twin daughters of George W. Bush sat down with The Today Show to talk about their lives growing up in the White House. The twins’ parents, President Bush and Laura Bush, were also interviewed to give some background about their daughters. President Bush told a story of when his father, President H.W. Bush, was campaigning at a rally:

When my dad came to Midland, Texas, the girls were like 3 years old I think, and it was a political rally because he was the vice president. Jenna kept flirting with the crowd, maybe lifting her skirt, trying to get a laugh. Barbara was taking it all in. She was an observer, Jenna was a participant. It was kind of a reflection. Barbara is a little more reserved and Jenna is a little more outgoing. It was an indication of their personalities.

As for when their father himself was planning on running for president, the girls had a strong opinion about the matter. He told Today:

They said, “You know you’re not nearly as cool as you think you are.” And I said, “That’s probably true.” And then one of them said, “You’re not going to win.” And I said, “Yeah but even if I don’t we’ll still have a great family.” And finally Jenna looks at me and says, “Ok, go ahead and run and ruin our life,”‘ while laughing.

Barbara and Jenna sat down with Megyn Kelly and talked about some of the more embarrassing moments of their childhood. Their older cousin, Wendy, had told them that maxi pads were for soaking up sweat. That led Jenna, at the age of six, to interrupt her grandfather’s state dinner with the Chinese president, wearing maxi pads under her arms. Barabara said of the photojournalists there that night: “‘They were sweet. They never published those pictures.”

The twins also recalled being cited by police in 2001, when they attempted to order margaritas at a bar when they were only 19 years old. Jenna said: “I called my dad and I said I’m sorry that I embarrassed you. And he said, ‘No, I’m sorry. I told you to be normal.”‘ She went on to comment on how important that call became as she herself became a mother of two children: “It was embarrassing. But it also was this great lesson in parenting that you have to allow your children to make mistakes. And we’ve made plenty.”

You can watch more of the interview below.

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