Food Trucks Have Come to the Rescue Following Devastating NorCal Fires

With the fires in Northern California causing immense destruction and displacing thousands of people, it is nice to know that someone is lending a helping hand. Off the Grid is a local company that organizes food events around Northern California, according to the Huffington Post. Since it routinely deals with food vendors, it was easily able to dispatch those who wanted to use their food trucks to help serve meals to people in need.

Off The Grid CEO Matt Cohen told the Huffington Post that because of their mobility, “food trucks are particularly well-suited to help in disaster relief situations by providing hot, healthy meals to people who are otherwise without reliable access to food, power and water.”

The situation coordinated by Off the Grid ends up benefiting everyone involved. The food trucks and vendors would normally be experiencing slow business, but having the opportunity to serve countless people affected by the fire keeps their business running.

That means Sonoma County-based food trucks like Fruity Moto, Caribbean Spices and Mai Thai Kitchen are making money at a time when business would normally be slow by dishing out food to locals in need, like senior citizens at nearby residential complexes. Off The Grid foots the bill, paying trucks $7.50 per meal out of a GoFundMe campaign that’s raised $32,000 and counting.

Word of Off the Grid’s help has spread, as first responders have asked the company to supply food deliveries all over the county. According to the Huff Post, “two of the company’s food truck partners, a burger truck and a taco truck, fed 200 meals to first responders coming off 36-hour shifts. On Tuesday, more vendors fed 200 displaced farm workers at a community hall in Sonoma Springs. Starting this weekend, even more vendors will join together and deliver over 3,500 meals to shelters in the area.”

Off the Grid has used its GoFundMe campaign to raise the money that it has needed for this effort, and it recently increased its goal to $50,000 in order to continue relief efforts. Google even announced that it will team up with the company to deliver over 25,000 meals to shelters in Sonoma and Napa counties.