8 Riced Cauliflower Recipes to Help You Keep Up With This New Craze

It seems that everywhere you turn, there is a new health fad. Remember the cabbage soup diet? Or the hot dog diet? Some people swear by Paleo, or Atkins, or Miami Beach. The list goes on. Years ago fat was the enemy to those who were looking to eat better and shed the pounds. And then we discovered that carbs play a bigger role. And now it’s sugar. It’s hard to keep up! But one thing that is not a fad that just keeps coming up time and again is that in order to lose weight, you need to eat healthfully and work out. Eating healthfully has always, and will always, include eating lots of vegetables.

That’s where the beloved cauliflower comes in. As a kid, I never touched this cousin to broccoli, but I have learned to really appreciate it as an adult. Roasted, braised, or sauteed, it can take on so much flavor. But beyond flavor, did you know that cauliflower provides 77% of the daily recommended value of vitamin C in one single serving? Or that it has anti-inflammatory properties, antioxidants, boosts brain and heart health, and fights cancer?

With all of these great things going for it, people have recently jumped on a riced cauliflower kick that is worth noting. The cool thing about this hearty vegetable is that it can stand up to quite a bit—so it has become the popular alternative to dreaded carbs. This is good news both for people who have gluten sensitivities and for those who just want to cut back on how much rice and wheat they’re eating. With that in mind, check out these delicious and (mostly) guilt-free recipes that substitute finely chopped cauliflower for other ingredients. Click on the Pins for the recipes. Bon appetit!

Cauliflower Pizza Crust

Considering how good this turns out, and how much healthier it is than regular pizza, you might never use wheat for your crust again. And of course, the beauty of pizza is in its toppings, right? So you can virtually make a different dish every time.

Cauliflower Fried Rice

You can still attain that delicious salty mouthful with this dish—only you won’t feel as gross after having eaten a bowl full of veggies instead of a bowl full of rice. You’re welcome.

Cauliflower Mac and Cheese

I did say mostly guilt-free above. This scrumptious dish might be more for those avoiding gluten than for someone looking to lose a little weight. It is delicious, though, so it’s definitely worth trying!

Cauliflower Cheddar Pancakes

If you’ve never had a savory pancake, now’s the time to try one. This particular one is cheesy and free of flour. It’s great as a side dish (for chili perhaps?) or just as a snack. So good.

Low-Carb Burrito Bowls

I can always get behind any dish that involves guacamole, beans, and sour cream. But now a beloved burrito bowl can be just a tad healthier with cauliflower in it.

Cauliflower Risotto

This is one that makes my heart sing. Nothing is more beautiful than a bowl of risotto. But I always feel so guilty after indulging. All of that starch and creaminess just feels so unhealthy. Luckily cauliflower is coming to the rescue once again.

Chicken Enchilada Cauliflower Rice Bowls

Similar to our burrito bowls above, this recipe makes a delicious Mexican dish a tad less guilty. No one will argue that enchiladas are healthy, but they also don’t have to leave you feeling like you have a brick sitting in your gut afterward.

Chicken Broccoli Cauliflower Casserole

If you’re looking for a great option for the family (and you might have to hide the fact that you’re using cauliflower for your picky eaters) this dish is a great option. It provides chicken for protein, and cheese for yumminess. Oh, and of course, cauliflower!

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