Horror: Man With Cat 'Rescue' Was Running a Slaughterhouse That Served Restaurants

A man in the Chengdu province of China was recently caught doing the unthinkable. Huang Fuping, a self-proclaimed animal lover who rescued and raised stray cats, was in actuality slaughtering the animals and selling their meat to restaurants. It was recently discovered that the man had been running a cat slaughterhouse and that the restaurants to whom he was selling were claiming that the carcasses were actually rabbits. His “operation” has been up and running for 30 years, and he has sold literally tons of cat meat.

On the morning that authorities shut down Huang’s warehouse, he had already sold 13 tons of the meat.

From the Daily Mail:

The live animals were kept in small cages no taller than 20 centimetres (7.8 inches), the report claimed.

In his tiny warehouse, Huang had around 100 cats cruelly killed every day – they were first drowned then skinned.

Then he would sell them to meat wholesalers coming from southern China, such as Guangxi Province, where the barbaric annual Yulin dog meat festival is held.

Huang’s cats were usually sold for 20 yuan per kilogram (£2.3) or 28-32 yuan (£3.2-£3.7) per cat, as the investigation revealed, and the restaurants would then re-sell the meat to customers as rabbit or wild animal meat.

Despite his cruelty to the animals, and the issues with food safety involved, it remains unclear whether Huang will face charges for his actions.