Fabulous Thanksgiving Table Ideas Your Guests Will Love

For some people, decorating the house and setting the table for Thanksgiving is even more fun and fulfilling than prepping the traditional meal. While some just choose standard plates and utensils, others go all out and embrace the colors, textures, and produce from the season to make truly exquisite table settings. If you are one of these people, then read on! If you aspire to present a beautiful table for your guests this year and need some inspiration or ideas, then check out what we have below. The options range from incredibly low maintenance and easy to a little more sophisticated. Don’t want to break the bank? No problem—many of the centerpieces can be made with things you already have around the house. Use what works for you, and change it to reflect your style, personality, budget and time.

Pumpkins galore, with pumpkins holding place cards

Even though Halloween has passed, pumpkins are still very relevant. They are gourds after all! Dress your table with this festive option, even going as far as using them to hold your place cards. Your guests can take them with them when they leave as favors.

“Thankful for” napkin holders

As Thanksgiving is a time to express gratitude, why not tie the theme into your table? Let your guests know that you’re grateful for them on your napkin holders, which will also serve as their place cards.

Crayons in pilgrims hats for the kids table

Kids shouldn’t be left out of the fun! If you have a kids table (or even just a couple of settings at the big table for the little ones), get creative and fill pilgrims hats with crayons. Print out some pictures of turkeys or cornucopias for them to decorate and keep busy during the meal.

Cranberries with candles

This one is easy and extremely affordable. Put your candles in your giant hurricane holders, along with fresh cranberries. It’s a beautiful way to give your table a colorful accent.

Pumpkins as vases

If you still have your pumpkins hanging around, put them to good use! Open them up and use them to house beautiful flowers for your centerpieces.

Vases filled with hazelnuts

Similar to the cranberries above, nuts of all kinds (and in this case, hazelnuts) can be used to fill vases and candle holders. They lend an earthy, subdued and beautiful accent to your table.

Something unorthodox

While most decorations for the holiday call for earth tones, you can go against the grain and do something a little more wild. Why not choose black and white stripes and accent them with white and gold? The pumpkins will still keep the decor in line with the holiday, but the whole table will have a cool, different look.

Something simple

You can very simply decorate your table using what is available to you at this time of year: put those pumpkins and gourds to use! Throw in some red-cheeked apples and beautiful leaves from your yard. No need to break the bank to have a centerpiece everyone will love.

Rosemary wreathes for place cards

A wonderfully fragrant option for your place cards can be rosemary sprigs. Bend them into little wreaths and voila! They will conjure images of the impending Christmas holiday.

Corn, beans and lentils with candles

Dried veggies like corn kernels, beans and lentils are another earthy, inexpensive, and creative way to decorate your table. Use all the vases and hurricane holders you have and go to town!