Woman Develops 'Rodent Born Disease' After Buying Dress With Rat Sewn in the Seam

There is nothing worse than buying clothes, only to get home and realize that there’s a problem with them. Maybe shoes you bought give you blisters, or a shirt is missing a crucial button. But have you ever purchased an item of clothing that came with a complimentary … er … pet? A woman in Manhattan recently had the cringeworthy experience of buying a dress from a Connecticut Zara store that included more than she bargained for.

When Cailey Fiesel wore her new dress to work, she noticed a foul odor. She also felt something scratching her leg. She thought a loose string was the culprit. To her horror, she found a dead rat sewn into the seam of her new Zara garment.

The Daily News reports:

“Ms. Fiesel jumped out of her chair in shock, people surrounded her desk to see what the commotion was while Ms. Fiesel was paralyzed with fear, she then ran to remove the dress,” the suit added. “After removing the dress she found that a dead rodent was sewn into the hem of the dress.”

“It’s disturbing,” said Adam Deutsch, who’s representing Fiesel. “It clearly comes from a lack of oversight in terms of what they’re putting on their shelves.”

Not surprisingly, Ms. Fiesel is suing Zara for an undisclosed amount for personal injuries and emotional distress. In addition to being emotionally affected by the incident, her suit mentioned that she “formed a large rash that was diagnosed as a rodent born disease.”

The next time you buy some clothes, it might be worth confirming that no unwanted rodents or animals are accompanying your purchase. Yikes!