Help Tar Sands Messiah Turn the Tables on Hollywood Liberals


Canadian filmmaker and Fort McMurray resident Tim Moen has come up with one of the best documentary ideas I’ve heard of in some time:

In the spirit of Michael Moore’s Roger & Me — but without the multiple lies — Moen plans to turn the tables on the showbiz leftists who love coming to his hometown to lecture the locals about the “evils” of the oil sands industry:

He’s going to Hollywood to lecture them — presenting celebrities and environmentalists with the facts about Alberta’s oil industry, and challenging their blatant hypocrisy.

Moen’s pitch-perfect trailer for his movie Tar Sands Messiah offers a tantalizing taste of the entire film, one he’s hoping to get crowd-funded to the tune of $63,000.

Moen writes:

Over the past decade, I’ve filmed around the world in places such as Africa and Japan and worked locally with environmentalists and celebrities such as Neil Young.

I’ve been deeply troubled by the biased narrative that many of my clients have when they come here to film. Because of that, I have defended my community and the oil sands industry in the media…

This film will be part light-hearted satire and part inspirational documentary.

It will document my mission, as an environmentalist from the heart of the oil sands, to turn Los Angeles from its evil polluting ways and bring them the clean technologies of my people.

I have a sinking feeling that Tar Sands Messiah won’t be picked for the Sundance Festival once it gets made…

If you want to learn more, and see how you can help fund this hilarious-sounding movie, check out Tim’s Tar Sands Messiah Indigogo site.

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