Will Grilled Chocolate Sandwiches Become a Thing?


A Japanese chocolate company called Bourbon has just done an immense service to all mankind. It has created … sliced chocolate.

Yes, chocolate that comes in a thin slice, which can be cut with a cookie cutter, rolled into pastry, put on waffles or pancakes, or melted onto a slice of bread.


But this is America. We can so do better. Forget regular bread — let’s go for gingerbread or fruit bread or lemon pound cake loaf. And one slice? Please. Two, brushed with sweet butter and then grilled or put into a panini press.

And there could be bacon.

The mind reels.

According to, which did the math:

The online price for a dozen five-slice packs is ¥3,240 — that’s about $27, £18 or AU$37.

So worth it.