Wow...I Feel Old! 'Pretty in Pink' Turns 30, Returns to Theaters This Month


Great news, nostalgia junkies! ‘Pretty in Pink’ is turning 30, and it’s returning to theaters this month to celebrate!

I am a child of the 80s. It was truly one of the best times to be 12. Molly Ringwald was my favorite actress of that era as I identified with her on so many levels. Finally, a redhead who made it cool to have freckles and pale skin. She is partly why I finally embraced what made me different.

Nobody could tell the story of your awkward teenage life like John Hughes. I mean, who doesn’t end up falling in love with (and landing) the incredibly hot rich kid and getting everything they ever dreamed of in the end?

In case you’re not familiar with the story, Molly Ringwald plays Andie, a poor girl from the wrong side of the tracks who falls for the popular rich kid, Blane, played by Andrew McCarthy. Her quirky best friend, Duckie (Jon Cryer) has a crush on her and is completely adorable. Didn’t we all secretly want a Duckie to madly adore us? Steff, Blane’s best friend (and a total snob), also has a crush on Andie and tries to sabotage her big dream of attending the prom with Blane after she rejects his advances.

The new wave music, classic vintage clothes, all the crushing you can handle, and the best Otis Redding impression you will ever see combine to make this classic a must see. It you can catch it in select theaters nationwide this month.