Escape Rooms—a Fun and Challenging Way to Maximize Your Entertainment Dollar

Looking for something fun to do on the weekend? How about trying an “Escape Room“? It’s a growing trend in entertainment that has fans wanting more. The concept is both challenging and exciting as you learn to work together as a team to escape a themed room. You have one hour to complete a series of puzzles in order to unlock the room and gain your freedom.

The idea has been popular in Europe and Asia, and on the West Coast, but is quickly catching on in other areas, with more than 1,300 locations worldwide. “Escape This Live” in Baltimore currently offers two rooms to choose from—one that has a pirate theme and the other with a western theme. A group can rent the rooms for $250 or you go as an individual for $29 per person.

Rachel Middleton, owner of “Escape This Live,” said many of the people who were paired up in past events have stayed in touch after the event. She said teamwork is important in order to beat the clock. “Typically, everybody has something to contribute,” Middleton said. “Not everyone thinks the same, so you have to work together as a team. The information that you’re finding might help open up a lock that someone else is working on.”

With technology ruling so many parts of our lives (iPhones, social media, computers, etc.) people are craving more personal, real-life experiences. Of course, they will post it to their Facebook pages when they get home, but at least they’re interacting with the real world while they’re there—something we could all use more of.