Supersize Me: Nintendo's 3DS Goes XL

Nintendo has announced that a larger version of its 3DS, appropriately titled the XL, will be released later this summer. reports that the system had slow sales and system problems. Nintendo says that the latest edition will correct these issues and hopefully lead to higher sales:


The refresh comes after initially underwhelming sales for the 3DS — a console that creates 3D images without the need for 3D glasses or other accessories. Nintendo has sold 18 million units of the 3DS since its launch in March 2011, but was a drag on earnings for the company that year. The company slashed prices earlier in the year for its Nintendo 3DS consoles from $249 to $169 to help boost sales, but the move ultimately backfired and influenced a hit on revenue.

The Washington Post has updates on the improvements which Nintendo made to the device:

The 3DS XL will boast a new 4.88 inch stereoscopic 3D display screen, an increase from the 3.53 inch screen in the current Nintendo 3DS model. The system’s secondary display, the touchscreen, will also see a size increase from 3 inches to 4.18 inches.

The new system will also boast extended battery life. Nintendo estimates that the 3DS XL will offer 3.5 to 6.5 hours of play time with 3DS titles, six to ten hours when playing DS titles.


The 3DS also operates as a sort of tablet computer, in that users can access the Internet, watch movies, and read books and newspapers. It has  received positive reviews. IGN referred to the 3DS as “the natural evolution of the Nintendo DSi system” and said that it was “impressively sharp and clean.”

What’s interesting about this is that it again demonstrates Nintendo’s willingness to innovate in an ever-changing market and pursue demographics beyond its base. This device should appeal to not only serious gamers, but the more casual user interested in fun mobile devices.

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